"Me & Money" Program

Change the way you see and interact with money

Money is foundational to the human experience and yet our relationship with it is riddled with pain, dependency, loss, and lack.

Deep rooted beliefs around money have been passed down generation after generation causing the majority of people to have a codependent and reactionary relationship with money.

But we are entering a new era.  An era where the financial systems of our consciousness are being recreated within transparency, support, efficiency, balance and harmonious exchange.

While this change will take a long time to permeate all of humanity, the energies of the new era are here and can already be experienced.

How do you experience money?  If you answer this question with anything besides absolute ease, pleasure and flow then this program is for you.

This program will also change all of your relationships, not just your relationship with money.

The program will be a monthly subscription including 1 live session weekly (4/month).

During these sessions we will:

  • Identify your relationship with money via various avenues

  • Heal your trauma around money and the limiting beliefs that you hold

  • Identify and balance any disharmony within your relationship to money

  • Clarify what money truly represents within higher consciousness teachings

  • Teach you how to consciously have your money work for you

  • Restructure how you see and work with money

  • And radically alter your relationship with money and other aspects of your life.

Intention is for a 6 month container, however this is dependent on the group. You do have the option to leave at any time.

Starts: Dec.2nd

All participants will have access to the recordings.  Program can be experienced without live participation if attendance is not possible.

Lives will be held Thursday evenings @5pm PST, 6pm MST, 8pm EST

Subscribe below.  All sales are final but subscription can be cancelled at any time.


*ps if this price truly is not possible for you, please reach out via email