Consciousness Coding


Group  Healing Sessions


Consciousness coding is the intelligence of pure consciousness channeled through Alara in the form of direct transmission as well as sound/words.

Alara uses tones and sound to directly bring forth information/love/light that is indistinguishable to the human mind however easily recognized by consciousness.  This is intelligence infinite.  It is a dynamic energy that works directly with each individual for their exact needs in the moment.  It does not work within the constraints of time  and therefore has no limit to when or how it is received.  It bypasses the mind and directly activates consciousness within.

Each session is deeply transformational and can be experienced more than once.

No experience is needed in order to receive these transmission.


Accelerate your ascension process, heal trauma, receive love and open the portal to your truth.

  •  4 LIVE transmissions monthly

  • Recordings available

  • Monthly subscription - come and go as you please

  • Tier #1 - $1000/month

  • Tier #2 - $1500/month - to include private transmissions via telegram and full access for support and questions. 

Sessions are conducted over zoom on a designated time/day each week.  After you subscribe, you will be contacted by Alara regarding access.  All sessions are recorded and thus attendance is not mandatory.

Tier #1

Tier #2