Not just a concept but mastery of life

This is a revolutionary program. 


Shakti Ma merges many teachings and experiential understandings into this container to offer participants a complete shift in consciousness. 

The intention is the consummation of the Higher Self into the physical reality

Creator consciousness is the understanding that each being is the creator of their reality.  Everything that you experience is based off of the energetic codes of your current existence.

These codes create matching vibrations within the holographic matrix of reality.  

To be a master of your creation (reality), you must master both the Self and the ability to actualize pure potentiality into the physical reality.

This program is the beautiful dance of Self Realization and Self Actualization.

Who can benefit:

  •  Everyone who wishes to intentionally create their life

  • Creatives - writers, musicians, artists - as this directly opens the creative channel and enables one to experience their creativity on an entirely different level of mastery, fun, and exploration.

  • Conscious entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their vision or ability to create what they know/sense that they can. 

  • Those who have studied Self Mastery, spirituality, law of attraction, shadow work, enlightenment, etc. but feel that their life is not a direct reflection of the teachings

  • Other creative professions like program developers and marketers

  • Those going through pivotal changes in life - divorce, career change, location changes

  • Those who wish to change any aspect of their life - finances, career, love, relationships, etc.

The Program

  • Starts July 15th

  • 6 month program

  • Live group calls 3x/month 

  • 1x/month private 1:1 sessions with Shakti Ma

  • Access to a private group for the program to offer support

  • Specific teachings of Self Realization & Self Actualization

  • Access to Dark to Light Program & other free content

  • Direct healings to assist in the alchemization of shadow/limiting beliefs

  • A mass array of information not found anywhere else

  • Specific assignments to increase effectiveness of the teachings

This program is the beginning to living a life that is created from you with intention.  It is the beginning of experiencing the magic of your pure potentiality.  It aligns you with the creator that you are and gives you the tools to intentionally actualize that into your physical reality.