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Alara Sage

Wisdom & Power
of The Embodied Woman


Award Winning Speaker

Your womb literally creates life.

Not only physical humans but your physical reality, too.

It is the container of your Creative Power. 

Even if you had yours removed.

So why aren't you connected to it?

I am a Womb Shaman, and my mission is to reconnect women to the lost wisdom and ancestral intelligence of their womb.

Ultimately, I will teach you to connect to the three powerful creator centers within you: womb, heart, and mind.

This will accelerate your purpose, create intimate connection, magnify the pleasure of life, and allow you to work with the flow of your creative life force energy rather than against it.


"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered woman in her strength, power, and influence"
- Nicole Leanne

Alara Sage

Hello, I'm Alara

I'm a Womb Shaman, an activator and facilitator of Creative Life Force (Shakti), and an embodied femme power.

I live this life 100%. I believe that when a woman is connected to the fullness of her truth, she lights up and empowers the world around her.

I live for the power of other women. I live to activate their unique radiance and genius from within.

"Alara creates a space of comfort, joy and openness that no one can help but to fall into" - Danielle

Trinity Teachings

Creator Consciousness

Creator Consciousness

The Trinity Teaching of creating your reality consciously

The Trinity of Creator Consciousness is created in a way that works with your innate intelligence and wisdom.  Your intuition will naturally guide you through the process.

You can work with the Trinity from any one component.  Feel which one calls to you the most.

alara sage

Embodiment is being fully present in the moment and connecting to your intuition, wisdom, and power via your womb and your body.

  • Regulate your nervous system.

  • Be activated in your magnetism and radiance

  • Let go of stress and anxiety

  • Learn to transform trauma and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

  • Have clarity of what actions to take to create your highest potential.




Manifestation is understanding how creative life force energy works within our bodies so that we can utilize it for what we desire to create.

  • Be activated within the 3 creator centers.

  • Utilize all aspects of your being to manifest quickly and easily.

  • Understand, heal, and master the aspects of Self (inner feminine, inner masculine, inner child)

  • Learn and master the magic of your creative life force energy.


Your Unique Genius

You are a genius.  You have a unique set of gifts and talents that no one else has. When you are embodied within your genius, you create a life that fulfills you.

  • Learn what your genius is.

  • Learn how to utilize your genius to create sustainable success.

  • Be activated in the unique codes of your genius.

  • Create with ease, flow, and alignment.

  • Feel radically lit and alive with life

Unsure Where To Begin?  Take This Quiz

You Are A Creative Genius!

You create your reality within every single second of the day.  Are you conscious of what you are creating?  Do you know your unique Genius and how it expresses in the world?

​There is only one You.  The blueprint of your human life is absolutely unique to you, and it holds a treasure trove of gifts and talents. 

​Your Creative Genius isn't just about a chart showing you your "gifts."  Your Genius is a combination of those gifts and the Creative Life Force Energy (Shakti) that desires to flow through you. 

​When you are activated in your Shakti, an immense and inexhaustible amount of power flows through you.  It doesn't mean that you don't need to rest; it means that you become the Creative Genius you are here to embody and transmit.

​It means that your gifts are enabled to actualize into your physical reality.  This is immensely profound.  Why?

Because your gifts are only yours, they can never be taken, stolen, copied, or lost.  When they are activated within your Shakti, they become Embodied Success. 

​This is sustainable wealth.  This is fulfillment.  This is joy and pleasure in life.  When we are in our Genius, we can let go and flow.  We can move with the natural rhythms of our being and of life.

​We can LIVE.  And there is a very palatable aliveness that exudes from us when we embody our genius.  This aliveness is magnetic.  It is radiant.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It is the "fountain of youth".  

​I'm not joking.  When you tap into your Shakti and allow it to activate through your genius, you shed years off of your physical appearance.  You radiate a glow that people are drawn to.  It is love moving through you.

​That is just the cherry on the cake.  Because to be your Genius is everything you deeply yearn for.  It is home.  And Creator Consciousness is the program to take you there.

I invite you, my love, back home.

Alara Sage

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