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Quantum Rebirth& 
Self Mastery Program


Who are you in your highest potentiality?

This program is a laser focus of energy pointed directly at exactly what you wish to create, learn, transform, and transcend.

It is designed for you. Not the you that sits here and reads this but the you that awaits.

This you is authentic, courageous, and magnetic. This you is unflappable. This you sings the song of your legacy. 

The container that is created within this program quickly harnesses the power of your highest potential and works to bring it into your existence.

It will completely transform limitations that your false self holds.  It will empower you within every breath, decision, and moment of your reality. It will ignite your creative potential and capabilities.  It will soar you to new heights of your experience.

You are invited into a pressure cooker of pure potential!


Who is this program for:

Women of excellence who are here to make an impact on others and the world.

You sense a deeper purpose but are unsure how to achieve it.

You know that you are capable of more and desire guidance on how to become it easily and gracefully without burnout or overwhelm.

You are intuitive but sometimes distrust your inner knowing and wish to have clarity.

You are able to manifest, however, still do not experience deep states of joy & fulfillment.

You seek deeper connection with yourself and with others.

You wish to feel seen, appreciated, recognized and understood.

The Program

Old Documents

Personal Assessment

I create a specialized and personalized assessment using your birth information to give you insight into your unique brilliance.

This information will help guide you through the process of unlocking your full potential.

The assessment gives you specific details and points that you can focus on to better understand yourself and your purpose.

Part 1

prayer - candle in hands .jpg

Intention Session

Our first session is all about creating the intentions of the container. This is my favorite part!

You will come to the session with a few intentions written out.  Then we will go through them, refine, and recreate them into a few very powerful intentions that literally light up your energy.

We will activate these intentions and you will be directed on how to work with them.

Part 2

Part 3

Yoga meditation hands woman in yoga lotus pose with seven chakras, aura, spiritual and Yin

Weekly Sessions

We will meet weekly over zoom.  These sessions are the bread and butter of the program.  

The sessions not only provide guidance and awareness, they bring healing transmissions in for deep transformation as well.

The intentions ignite awareness in the field that is then exposed during these sessions.  

a girl listening through the tin can telephone, communication concept like a Telegram. The

Telegram Support

In between sessions is a very important time because what we discussed and worked on will be exposed in the physical reality.  

Therefore, I offer telegram support for us to be able to work together directly as things come up.  This increases the work we do and enhances the power of the transformation.

The support also allows you to feel supported no matter what is happening.  Having an ear to speak to is delightful and healing.

Part 4

Colorful Chakra Mandala 01.jpg


Who doesn't like a bonus?!! 

All 1:1 clients have access to all of my programs, events, recordings, etc.

There is such a wealth of information and additional resources at your fingertips.

And any additional events that I do, you have VIP access to.

Yay you :)

Part 5

Sedona Retreats


1:1 participants have the opportunity for a 1:1 retreat here with me in Sedona.  This is only available for my 1:1 clients.

The retreats are extremely magical and offer additional transformation in a highly concentrated form.

Retreats are an additional cost, but are very reasonable. 

Sedona is known for its healing energetic vortexes.  With my additional support, you will have a profound experience, indeed.

Part 6

What are you waiting for?

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