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If you desire to experience higher states of Self and deeper experiences of pleasure without years of effort and struggle, this is for you.


The process and path to awakening more of yourself while merging your Higher Self with your human self can be confusing, strung-out, and feel like you aren't getting any results.

As a teacher, I personally have been a student of ALL of the teachings here through my own Higher Self.  I understand the challenges as well as what is needed to create results.

Working with me 1:1 is an investment that is not available to everyone, however, I desire to serve as many people that are willing to truly do the work.


You are ready for change.  You are ready to experience higher highs as well as more depth, pleasure, and love in life.  You would love to work with a coach for a year.

You desire to be led down a path that is precise yet flowing and available to your needs.  You desire to be assisted energetically with this process and thus seek more than simply self-study.  

You know that there is so much more to who you are.  You sense a depth to yourself that you cannot quite seem to touch.  You desire more intimacy with yourself, with your lover, and with life.

You have the courage to move down this path and desire to know yourself, ultimately, as your Ecstatic Self - liberated, sensual, magical, and Divine.

You desire to understand the magical universe more and how you can magically create your reality in a way that is pleasurable, fun, and ever-evolving.

Activate deeper levels of your power, sensuality, and magic.

You are a magical being.  Life is meant to be challenging but it doesn't need to be a struggle.  With clear methods, we can activate layers of your magical self to enable you to create with more ease, pleasure, and joy.

Learn the exact methods that I use to move energy, increase power, create consciously, and connect directly to my Higher Self.



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Magic & Alchemy Course

9-Module program going over the foundational teachings of magic and energy work


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Dark to Light

A 3 module course teaching the 4 primary Archtypes of the human consciousness. Know yourself through clear "diagnosis".


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Mini Meditation Course

Technique of presence meditation along with a meditation track for daily practice.


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Rewired For Genius

A 5 week program to regulate your nervous system and embody your power.


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Transform Your Reality

A quick 11 module course teaching you about Limiting Beliefs and how to transform them.


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A variety of powerful healings/transmissions and meditations for you use.


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