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Welcome to the journey of connection and power

The Complete Breath

This video goes over the complete breath - what it is and how to do it.

Womb Breathing

Womb Breathing takes you deeper into yourself.  It connects you to your power, creativity and play!


These videos are directly out of my signature program.  The program is an initiation into the deeply magical realms of the woman. 

It is powerful and life changing.  If you felt the call, here within these videos, then I invite you to answer it and reach out.  Your inner woman yearns for this journey.

Who is Alara Sage
Alara Sage Logo

Who is Alara?

I work with women who are yearning for deep intimacy, pleasure, and personal power in life.

For me, this work is about the relationship of you with yourself.  My programs are not for me, they are for you.  They are to help you connect deeply with yourself so that all of your power, intuition, and creative potential is fully available to you.

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