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3 Day Workshop for spiritual women working to conceive/retain pregnancy


July 17 - 19th @ 5:00pm MDT

*Recording Available

So, my love,

I hear you have a deep knowing that you are meant to be a mother.

I hear that you desire to conceive holistically, naturally, and connected to the wisdom of your body.


I hear that you desire to release the doubt, limitations, and "conditions" that seem to be standing in your way.



This workshop will help you to connect to the powerful creator that you truly are.

To become and stay pregnant

  • You will learn the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from becoming the mother you know you can be.

  • You won't have to take your temperature, study some app, or give your power away to outside sources.

  • You can choose how you desire to create your life, INCLUDING becoming pregnant and having your baby.

  • You will connect deeply to your body's wisdom so that it can tell you exactly what it needs to create a harmonious environment and fertile container for your baby.

  • You’ll be able to affirm: I am the creator of my reality and of my baby.

Alara Sage

Hi, I'm Alara Sage

I believe that we can create exactly what we desire, no matter the obstacles.  I've helped hundreds of women conceive babies, manifest relationships, and create the life that they truly desire.

I myself have:

  • Healed from "incurable disease"

  • Conceived and birthed (naturally) two boys

  • Attracted the love of my life

  • Created a 6 fig. business

The Delicious Details

Day 1:

Limiting Beliefs - we will go over and help you to shift the subconscious belief structures that are blocking you from conceiving.

Day 2:

Womb Connection - I will teach you how to connect to the wisdom of your womb so that you can know exactly what your body needs to conceive.

Day 3:

I will teach you how to collapse time and connect to the version of yourself that is already pregnant.

“Alara’s capacity to create safety to connect to the womb is magical”

- Swey J.

What to Expect

This powerful day will not only teach you but it will energetically shift your vibration.  You will feel lighter, more aligned, and in your power as a Creatrix.

Awareness, Empowerment, Activation

You will know exactly what limiting beliefs you hold and how to shift them.

You will feel connected to the wisdom of your womb and your body.

You will leave energetically activated in the vibration of the pregnant you.


Sign Up!

Sign Up

Live Access &
Two Week Recording Access

  • Access all 3 days live

  • Have access to the recording for two weeks after the live event

$111 value

For $33

Live Access &
Infinite Recording Access

  • Access all 3 days live

  • Have full access to the recording for life

$333 value

For $99

What My Clients Say

"This workshop was AMAZING. All the great information to add to my toolbox. All the wonderful triggers that I can now heal. And the healing session at the end allowed me to have the best nights sleep I've had in YEARS. So glad I did this. Alara, you are the best."


“profound, heartfelt”
- Sarah

- Erin

"I sure am glad I made the loving commitment to myself to participate in this event. It was an amazing, profound experience that revealed alot about myself. Each session was truly unique in healing properties. The progression in the series with the releasing of "energetic junk" was quite noticeable. Alara is a premier healer, channeler and intuitive. If you're truly ready to heal, I highly recommend her life changing services." - Tina M.

Alara helped me uncover a toxic belief I have about myself that I've spent the last 7 years trying to heal, but didn't realize what it was until this event.  SO POWERFUL to finally have that understanding.  She is such an amazing healer and can facilitate the kind of breakthroughs that will completely change your life.  So blessed to know her and work with her. - Robin W.

“Blown Away”
- Stacey

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