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Helping you reawaken your sexual power as a woman so you can magnetize deep intimate connection, pleasure, and wealth...without sacrifice.

Activate Your Sexual Magic With Breath
Learn a simple way to activate your sexual power within yourself
FREE 2 Part Video Series

"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered women in her strength, power, and influence"
- Nicole Leanne

Do you DESIRE to connect to your magic, magnetism, and power?

Do you YEARN for more intimacy within your life?

Do you FEEL that you are creative but don't know how to access it fully?

Hi, I'm Alara

I am all about the power of the woman.

This isn't feminism, this is the power of the Modern Woman.

I use to feel disconnected from my power, intimacy and from my vibrant, magical spirit.

But now: 

  • I feel powerful and I connect deeply with myself and others. 

  • I am magnetic and magical.

  • I am daring and claim my desires and passions.

  • I am deeply sensual, sexy, and orgasmic. 

  • I am intuitive, creative, and a visionary.


"Alara Sage is world class level" - Donata M.

Quick Video Bites For Your Pleasure

The Modern Woman

Who is she?

Energy Orgasm

Orgasm...all the time!

Walls Of Protection

Why do we create them?

"Alara Sage is the clearest mirror in which to see yourself." - Britta A.

Desire To Take The Journey Deeper With Me?  Experience This FREE Activation Now!

  • Get out of the "mind-fuck" and into the "moment-fuck"

  • A powerful energetic clearing!

  • An exercise to move you deeper into your Power/Pleasure seat.


Join My Free Community


Awakening Aliveness!

This group is about awakening the power of the woman.  This is not feminism.  This is the juiciness of creation through the sexually embodied woman. 


My Clients are women who are ambitious and brilliant...

Through our work together they... 
  • connect deeper and more intimately with their personal power. 
  • awaken more of their visionary/creative gifts.
  • awaken orgasm and pleasure. 
  • liberate sensuality, playfulness, and sexual magic.  
  • achieve a powerful and magnetic presence to true love and intimate connection.

Podcast & Media Appearances

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