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You are limitless

You are boundless

Life is intelligent, dynamic, and magical. Everyone has the capacity to experience it as such. The "trick" to listen and get out of your own way.

Do you listen to your intuition? Do you do what you know you must do even when it scares you?

It isn't about not having fear and self doubt, it's about understanding what that fear and self doubt is saying. Which is "you are limited".

It is your choice if you believe that.

Within the infinite realm of the quantum field, there are no borders. You are that field. You are that pure potential.

The only thing that stops you from experiencing it is your belief of what is possible.

The irony is that all is seen as impossible within the human mind until it is experienced and then it is relabeled as possible.

But it takes someone with the courage to go out of bounds of their own mind to bring it into that initial possibility.

Then, it becomes easier for others.

Just one person needs the courage to make it possible for the rest.

Go outside the boundaries of what you believe to be possible and you will be met with the truth of who you are.

Do you desire to become your limitless and Authentic Self?  

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"You are not here to experience a limited life, you are here to live an extraordinary one.  You are not here to whisper, you are here to sing."
- Alara Sage

What I can Help you with

Master Your Creator Self & Potential

  • Learn how to recognize and reprogram limiting beliefs.

  • Gain clarity of what you are creating and how to create what you desire instead.

  • Learn to be present & powerful.

  • Learn to master your mind to gain laser-like focus and intention.

  • Learn to master your energy to manifest quickly.

  • Learn emotional intelligence to allow yourself the pleasure, presence, and feeling.

  • Step into the highest potentiality of your being.

  • Experience true prosperity, fulfillment, joy, and happiness.


Increase Intuition

  • Release anxiety & fear and learn to deeply relax into life.

  • Dissolve distrust of self and deepen the relationship and connection to your intuition.

  • Recognize how you easily receive intuition and strengthen those that are more challenging (ie: knowing, feelings, vision, messages.)

  • Learn to create and experience the magic of life.

  • Release confusion and create your reality only within clarity.


Ignite Your Voice

  • Express from your authentic Self.

  • Unblock & Liberate your voice.

  • Understand and maintain boundaries.

  • Tap into your inexhaustible creative expression.

  • Speak with confidence, compassion, and truth.

  • Learn to use your voice to powerfully invoke your reality.

  • Feel seen, heard, understood, and appreciated.

Clarity of Authentic Self

  • Release false identity and expectations of who you should be.

  • Transform limiting beliefs of: unworthiness, distrust, fear, abandonment, inadequacy, alienation, not enough, etc.

  • Unlock your unique brilliance and actualize it into your reality, becoming the genius of your life.

  • Release uncertainty, doubt, and inadequacy and know exactly how to move through your life to create your visions and desires.

  • Remove/dissolve blocks, karma, and ancestral wounds.  

  • Heal trauma.

  • Learn to reprogram overwhelm, exhaustion and fatigue to  radiate with energy, life, and love.

  • Understand and experience your innate worth.

  • Recognize the power of your being and learn to harness your Shakti (creative potentiality).

  • Redefine your relationships with connection, support, and love.

What My Clients Say

"Absolutely top-tier"- Rob W.

"Alara Sage is so powerful and I have had much transformation and growth from working with her. She's one of a kind brilliant !! I highly recommend" - Kristin P.

"Alara Sage is world class level" - Donata M.

"Words pale in comparison to the experience that I was so lucky to have with Alara Sage. Alara was able to unlock something within me that for 24 years has never been made clear, she was able to guide and facilitate space to unlock energy which has just exploded & radiated out like I never thought was possible...

My words feel like they could do no justice to the passion, the skill, the truth, the clarity, the sheer power and attentiveness that Alara possesses. I am honestly blown away by her intuition and knowledge of exactly what needs to come through. A True Lightworker.

My absolute deepest gratitude to you Alara, your services are so deeply appreciated from myself and anyone else who is lucky enough to work with you."  - Cameron C.

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