I work with ambitious, female leaders and professionals who are highly successful but feel unfulfilled and lonely in love, life, and relationships.


I help them shift from a “performance mindset” to a deep connection with themselves and their desires so they can

reawaken their creative potential, reclaim their power as a

woman, and magnetize deep intimate connection, pleasure,

and wealth...

...without sacrificing their independence or success.

Hi, I'm Alara

I am all about the power of the woman.

This isn't feminism, this is the power of the Modern Woman.

This is about the powerful woman within you.

I can see her.  

  • She is powerful and connects deeply with herself and others. 

  • She is magnetic.

  • She is daring and claims her desires and passions.

  • She is sensual, sexy, and orgasmic.

  • She commands a room with merely her presence.

  • She is intuitive, creative, and a visionary.


"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered women in her strength, power, and influence" - Nicole Leanne


My Clients are women who are ambitious and brilliant...

...but underneath the tough exterior and the firm grip, they often feel unhappy. They feel alone, unfulfilled, and not sexy or feminine. They realize that in the quest for success and achievement, they sacrificed fulfilling relationships, pleasure, and love.  They often sense a depth to themselves an their creative potential that they can't quite seem to connect to. 
Through our work together they... 
  • connect deeper and more intimately with themselves. 
  • feel pleasure in the moment instead of thinking of the next thing.
  • have inspiration and clarity land in their lap.
  • become impactfully present.
  • awaken more of their visionary/creative gifts
  • strengthen their leadership abilities
  • feel seen, heard, and recognized for who they are.
  • awaken orgasm and pleasure. 
  • liberate sensuality and playfulness. 
  • achieve a powerful and magnetic presence to true love and intimate connection.
  • feel sexy no matter what they are wearing.
  • overcome fear of losing control.
  • amplify a sense of safety.
  • feel calm even when everything seems to be falling apart.

They can now experience an unlimited amount of future growth, joy, and fulfillment. 

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My Unique Framework


Teaching & Guidance

This work is all about the "reality" of life.  I teach and guide you on how to apply what we do into the physical world.


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Dive deeper into who I am.

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What My Clients Say

"Absolutely top-tier"- Rob W.

"Alara Sage is so powerful and I have had much transformation and growth from working with her. She's one of a kind brilliant !! I highly recommend" - Kristin P.


"Alara Sage is world class level" - Donata M.

"Words pale in comparison to the experience that I was so lucky to have with Alara Sage. Alara was able to unlock something within me that for 24 years has never been made clear, she was able to guide and facilitate space to unlock energy which has just exploded & radiated out like I never thought was possible...

My words feel like they could do no justice to the passion, the skill, the truth, the clarity, the sheer power and attentiveness that Alara possesses. I am honestly blown away by her intuition and knowledge of exactly what needs to come through. A True Lightworker.

My absolute deepest gratitude to you Alara, your services are so deeply appreciated from myself and anyone else who is lucky enough to work with you."  - Cameron C.

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