Unleashing the magnificence within you

A successful, fulfilling and flourishing life awaits you


.....Do you await it?

Do you constantly seek to do better, be better or improve yourself?

Does your unconscious mind fear not being received, understood, or accepted in the expression of your most inner heart's desire?


Do you feel alone in this world and as if the weight falls solely upon your shoulders?  Do you take every moment on as your responsibility and strive for perfection?

Are you a changemaker or feel that you should be?

Do you sense that there is an expression or creation that wishes to arise through you, yet you are unsure of what it is or how to bring it forward?

Do you sense an immensness about yourself that feels as though it could be an alternate identity?

Is there is an intimate part of you that you hold dear for risk of being unaccepted, misunderstood, or unappreciated?

If yes, then....

Know that the obstacle that you face is the uncovered truth that lies dormant in your being.  It is the brilliance that wishes to shine upon the world. You might deny it, resist it, avoid it and cover it with masks of illusion but it is a voice to be reckoned with.

It carries a song of triumph, courage, and honor.  If found, it will impact all who hear it.

and I am here 

to help you unlock it

"You are not here to experience a limited life, you are here to live an extraordinary one.  You are not here to whisper, you are here to sing."
- Alara Sage

From your experiences and perceptions of reality, you place yourself into boxes of limitation.  These boxes provide comfort in the belief that you know who are.  And yet, who you truly are can never be defined or labeled.  The definitions and identities that you have given yourself hold you back from your brilliance.  They stifle the expression of your heart.

When I work with clients, I work to unleash the part of themselves that they have tucked away, hidden, or protected from the outside world.  I open them, through love, to the highest expression that they have to offer the world.

I expose their unique genius to themselves and assist them in bringing that forward into the creation of their reality.  It isn't painful, it is magical.  

What arises through this process is the evolution of the person into their most powerful expression rooted in an unflappable will of the heart.  They gain clarity of their message and of their purpose.  They hold a sense of calm and tranquility as they are aligned within clear action.  And the world reacts to them, because when one stands within the beauty of their brilliance, it cannot be ignored or denied.  It is radiant and potent.


The clients I work with are ready.  They are willing.  It isn't about not having fear, it is about being called to face the fear.    Courage is a trait of the heart.  It is the trait of the warrior, and it is what allows us to blossom into pure potentiality.

I am here to love you open, always, through honor & wisdom

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