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Alara Sage | Sacred Feminine

Dare to Awaken

Of You


Awaken Your Ancient Wisdom
Awaken Your Sacred Sensuality
Awaken Divine Union & Intimacy


Self Trust Series

Free Self Trust Series

Three-part video series to deepen your self-trust.

Dear Leaders, Healers, and Woman of Excellence

Alara Sage | Divine Feminine

I see you powerful, strong, and independent woman.

I see you working to assist and inspire others.  You hold the bar so very high.

I see you readily taking on the challenges that you face. You will carry the heat all the way to the end.

You are the rock—the rock for your family, for your work, for your friends.

Sometimes, you feel that the shield you carry becomes very heavy in your hand.

And it disconnects you from the world.

The very world that you secretly desire to FEEL intimacy with, to FEEL the sensuality and aliveness of.

You don't dare let go of the armour for fear of losing your authority?

And what if you don't have to?

What if I help you to unleash the aliveness and sensuality of life without losing your power or authority?

Alara Sage | Shakti Activator

Hello, I'm Alara

I'm a Womb Shaman, an activator and facilitator of Shakti (creative life force), and an embodied femme power.

I live this life 100%. I believe that when a woman is connected to the fullness of her truth, she lights up and empowers the world around her.

I live for the power of other women. I live to activate their unique radiance and genius from within.

"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered woman in her strength, power, and influence"
- Nicole Leanne

Reawaken Your Femme Power

I invite you to a movement occurring on our planet right now.  The awakening of the femme power that has been absent from our planet for over 5,000 years.  It is the truth of what it means to be a woman.  It is ancient wisdom and magic.

Being a woman is NOT about submission, weakness, or emotional chaos.  Being a woman is about inexhaustible power, magic, multidimensional 0rgasms, and erotic sensuality.

It is about the aliveness of Shakti - creative life force energy - pulsing through your body in radiant bliss.

I have a proven system that has helped women to awaken their Shakti, the dormant power of the feminine.


  • Create from inexhaustible inner resource and creative fire

  • Magnatise dynamic opportunities 

  • Liberate yourself into creative flow and ease of life



  • Relax into more of your natural joy, sensuality, and bliss.

  • Reclaim a nourishing connection with pleasure, releasing guilt and shame 

  • Breakthrough to new levels of love, intimacy, and deepening in relationships



  • Claim new depths of inner authority

  • Activate dormant codes of your wisdom - taking your leadershp to new heights

  • Create the destiny of your heart and soul


"Alara creates a space of comfort, joy and openness that no one can help but to fall into" - Danielle

How to exprience Alara Sage


Offerings from Alara Sage


Courses and Programs to 

meet your needs

Mentorship with Alara Sage


Worth 1:1 with Alara for deep and profound transformation of your life.

The Ecstatic Woman Podcast with host Alara Sage

Alara's podcast to activate and inspire women in their power, authenticity, and bliss.

Love Notes

Kehla G.

I transitioned from feeling stuck to becoming magnetic in the direction I desired to move. I highly recommend these sessions with Alara! She's wildly intuitive, exudes expansive energy, and is genuinely committed to delivering an exceptional experience in these sessions.

- Kehla G.

Michelle Z.

Alara Sage is powerful, compassionate, and divinely orchestrated. There is a connection she has that comes through safely and beautifully in the energy. She is deep, straightforward, and loving in her communication. I resonate greatly with her way of energetically and physically communicating. 

- Michelle Zawaski

Erika H.

Alara is an extraordinary, wise, and insightful individual with an amazing gift and gentle heart. She's able to navigate the planes with ease and grace, honing into that crucial aspect needed for healing and translate it into basic language for easy understanding. What she offers is invaluable. I am so very happy to have tapped into such an amazing healer!

- Erika H.

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