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Live Your Life "Turned On"

Break out of normalcy and into radiancy


Award Winning Speaker

What if?

You were held so deeply within the womb of creation that you felt safe to surrender into your own unique brilliance?

felt so deeply seen for who you truly are that you unlocked the dormant radiance within?

You were
guided with such tenderness and power, that you radically amplified your potential and impact creating space to truly live?


"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered woman in her strength, power, and influence"
- Nicole Leanne

I Feel You, My Love

I feel the yearning to be fully seen and understood in true authentic connection.

I feel your desire for
flow, grace, spaciousness and freedom.

I feel the need to fill your heart with the 
joy and fulfillment of life.

Hi, I'm Alara

The Ecstatic Life Mentor

Have your created your life from a false sense of self that has left you unfulfilled and disconnected? 

I did.

My journey led me back to the most magnificent woman I had ever met, ME.


Your true self is Sexy AF.  She is wild, creative, powerful and tender.  

She flows with grace and humility while directly impacting every single person she meets.

Let me help you to find her.

"Alara creates a space of comfort, joy and openness that no one can help but to fall into" - Danielle

Breathing Into Connection & Power
Learn to connect to yourself via breath.
FREE 2 Part Video Series

Quick Video Bites For Your Pleasure

The Modern Woman

Who is she?

Energy Orgasm

The ecstatic life!

Walls Of Protection

Why do we create them?

"Alara Sage is the clearest mirror in which to see yourself." - Britta A.

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