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Alara Sage | Sacred Feminine


Helping you to heal your sexual energy, infertility, and regain your Creator power.
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  • Reclaim your Sacred Feminine magic - heal your WOMB.​

  • Learn the 4 keys of embodiment for greater connection

  • Learn how to de-armor yourself for more sensuality and pleasure in life

  • Learn the 8 gates of the womb and the ancient wisdom and power that YOU hold

  • Videos and practices included

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You are in the right place if...

  • You have had sexual trauma

  • Are experiencing infertility issues

  • Have tried other "healing modalities" that have only taken you so far

  • Feel uncreative, stuck, numb to life

  • Desire more pleasure in life

  • Desire to use the womb's magic combined with the heart's power to create your life!

  • Desire to be alive with ecstatic bliss!

We were all birthed from womb and to womb we will return.

Every single human has been born through the womb and therefore holds a special bond with its energy and, more importantly, its magic.

The portal through which we are born is the same portal that we pass through when we die.  This is the well-known "white light at the end of the tunnel."

This is called the Creation Point.  It is the vortex that connects the ethereal with the world of form.

When we connect to the magic of the womb, we connect to ALL of ourselves.  We can connect to all of our lives, experiences, trauma and karma.

Healing and transforming through the magic of the womb is a multidimensional that transcends space/time.

Hello I'm Alara

I'm a womb shaman, healer of sexual energy & infertility, and activator of Kundalini Shakti

I take your healing journey very seriously. 

I journey with my clients.  I feel what they feel.

I experience the depths of their pain and the high of their ecstasy.

I will love you, hold you, and help you to transform.

"Alara Sage is the walking embodiment of the empowered woman in her strength, power, and influence"
- Nicole Leanne

How to exprience Alara Sage


Offerings from Alara Sage



Unity Academy

Awaken through a precise path.  Live Sessions, a platform of courses, and community

Mentorship with Alara Sage


Worth 1:1 with Alara for deep and profound transformation of your life.

The Ecstatic Woman Podcast with host Alara Sage

Alara's podcast to activate and inspire women in their power, authenticity, and bliss.

"Alara creates a space of comfort, joy and openness that no one can help but to fall into" - Danielle

Love Notes

Kehla G.

I transitioned from feeling stuck to becoming magnetic in the direction I desired to move. I highly recommend these sessions with Alara! She's wildly intuitive, exudes expansive energy, and is genuinely committed to delivering an exceptional experience in these sessions.

- Kehla G.

Michelle Z.

Alara Sage is powerful, compassionate, and divinely orchestrated. There is a connection she has that comes through safely and beautifully in the energy. She is deep, straightforward, and loving in her communication. I resonate greatly with her way of energetically and physically communicating. 

- Michelle Zawaski

Erika H.

Alara is an extraordinary, wise, and insightful individual with an amazing gift and gentle heart. She's able to navigate the planes with ease and grace, honing into that crucial aspect needed for healing and translate it into basic language for easy understanding. What she offers is invaluable. I am so very happy to have tapped into such an amazing healer!

- Erika H.

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